by Jude Bridge

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    We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)

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    Performance Duration

    45 Minutes and question time

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    $5.00 per head, $500.00 for audiences under 100 (plus GST from school)

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    Max. Audience

    200 students (parents and teachers free)

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    Age Range

    Suitable for Grade 3 to Year 10 (many Primary Schools have successfully booked for the whole school)

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Anzac Day can be seen as a commemoration of the suffering and service of our young soldiers, a celebration of mateship or a glorification of war. What is not in doubt is that the Gallipoli campaign changed our Australian identity.

In ANZAC G’DAY, a West Australian soldier enlists in the army in 1915 as an honourable duty. Through his young eyes we learn about friendship and the reasons why over 8,000 Australian soldiers lost their lives. A young school student of today follows the solder’s path and questions changing attitudes to war, both historically and in the light of the current conflicts. Students watching the show will be encouraged to discuss finding alternatives to war and whether we always have a choice.

ANZAC G’DAY incorporates:

  • the Gallipoli campaign;
  • the spirit of Anzac;
  • Simpson and his donkey;
  • Australian involvement in other wars;
  • the role of Australian peace keeping forces; and
  • our relationship with the world’s superpowers and how we react when the balance of power alters.
Templestowe College, Melbourne
“The feedback I received from students and teachers was positive. They felt the content and presentation was relevant and engaging.”

Subiaco Primary School, Perth
“ Excellent – once again. Children and staff were immersed in information but the entire performance was highly entertaining. A most valuable educational experience and students really felt the sadness and hopelessness. It really enhanced their belief in Anzac day itself.”

Coogee Primary School, Perth
“A production well suited for schools and directed at the appropriate age levels. A most enjoyable and entertaining event!”

Parkwood Green Primary School, Melbourne
“Thanks so much for the wonderful performance today. I have received lots of positive feedback from staff and students about how entertaining and educational it was. The performers did a fabulous job!”

Our Lady’s Assumption Primary School, Perth
“An extremely entertaining production that was very well acted. The characterizations were brilliant and the topic dealt with very sensitively. Ten out of ten!”

Point Cook P-9 College, Melbourne
“The feedback from staff and students from Friday’s Anzac G’day performance has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you.”

CBC, Fremantle
“The ‘human’ element was well addressed – that war is not a big adventure. The students always enjoy Class Act productions which are pitched at their level.”

Mazenod College, Melbourne
“ A brilliant presentation! The actors were outstanding and maintained a perfect balance between serious historical content and humour. Highly recommended.”