by Tiffany Barton

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    We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)

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    Performance Duration

    50 Minutes and question time

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    $5.00 per head, $500.00 for audiences under 100 (plus GST from school)

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    Max. Audience

    200 students (parents and teachers free)

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    Age Range

    Suitable for Years 7 to 12

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    Performances in...


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    Supporting Materials

    Support materials will be made available on booking

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    Boys Talk

    Options to book separately or in conjunction with Boys Talk

GIRLS TALK is based on real life accounts from real women. Stories will be modified or deleted to suit age group and religious beliefs of the audience.

Examining issues that face girls today including:

  • Identity;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Body image;
  • Sexuality and pregnancy;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Peer pressure;
  • Drugs and alcohol;
  • Homophobia and homosexuality;
  • Identity, masculinity and male role models;
  • Friends and Relationships;
  • Parents; and
  • Puberty & menstruation.

We recommend female teachers only in attendance.

Nazareth College
“An excellent, thought-provoking piece – thanks.”

Rowville Secondary College
“A fantastic performance – engaging, lively, confronting.”

Aitken College
“Fantastic – kids loved it and were well entertained throughout. Thank you.”

Killester College
“Students gave great feedback about the show. They thought it was funny & they related to a lot of the topics discussed & presented.”

Hawthorn Secondary College
“Fabulous. Quite confronting – this is good! Great support to classroom curriculum.”

Taylors Lakes Secondary College
“…highly successful in maintaining the attention of a large audience of girls (who are not used to live performance). The material was very relevant, and students responded really well…their performance was fast and lively, and the students were engaged at all times.”

Lyndhurst Secondary College
“Very relevant to our students, discussion afterwards indicated the issues addressed in the production had a significant impact. It’s what our kids needed to see.”

Luther College
“Absolutely fantastic performance!! Very professional, had students attention right from the start – we will definitely book again next year. Thank you!!”

Kilvington Girls Grammar
“Issues were discussed and presented in an informative and interesting way for the audience. Great springboard for further discussion. Contact with organizers beforehand was very thorough.”

Braybrook College
“Thought it was informative, thought provoking, awareness raising and fun. Some great laughs. Thanks so much, it was excellent.”

Scoresby Secondary College
“All staff and students for both Boys Talk and Girls Talk felt the programmes were entertaining and educational.”

Lyndale Secondary College
“Our girls asked lots of personal questions of the two performers at the end (‘Have you ever…etc’) The performers were wonderful and answered all questions honestly and frankly…their insights about relationships from their own experience were being lapped up by our girls. It is not possible for teachers to be so personal.“