by Angelique Malcolm & Ken Miller

  • Venue

    We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)

  • Performance Duration

    45 Minutes and question time

  • Cost

    $5.00 per head, $500.00 for audiences under 100 (plus GST from the school).

  • Max. Audience

    200 students (parents and teachers free)

  • Age Range

    Suitable for Grade 4 to Year 10.

  • Performances in...


  • Support Materials

    Support materials will be made available on booking

SHOW SOME RESPECT, a BRAND NEW play by Class Act, explores a range of issues on the topic of respectful relationships.

The play  is structured around a series of monologues, dialogues and role-plays, engaging students with humour, drama and rap singing.

Themes explored in the play include:

  • developing respectful relationships;
  • setting boundaries;
  • rights and responsibilities in relationships;
  • gender stereotypes;
  • gender and respect;
  • discrimination and harassment;
  • consent;
  • communication and the language of respect;
  • social media and respect; and
  • and what to do if you or a friend are the subject of harassment or violence.

The content of the play will be modified according to the year group of the audience.