by Angelique Malcolm & Ken Miller

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    We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)

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    Performance Duration

    45 Minutes and question time

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    $5.00 per head, $500.00 for audiences under 100 (plus GST from the school).

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    Max. Audience

    200 students (parents and teachers free)

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    Age Range

    Suitable for Grade 4 to Year 10.

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    Support Materials

    Support materials will be made available on booking

SHOW SOME RESPECT, a BRAND NEW play by Class Act, explores a range of issues on the topic of respectful relationships.

The play  is structured around a series of monologues, dialogues and role-plays, engaging students with humour, drama and rap singing.

Themes explored in the play include:

  • developing respectful relationships;
  • setting boundaries;
  • rights and responsibilities in relationships;
  • gender stereotypes;
  • gender and respect;
  • discrimination and harassment;
  • consent;
  • communication and the language of respect;
  • social media and respect; and
  • and what to do if you or a friend are the subject of harassment or violence.

The content of the play will be modified according to the year group of the audience.

Casey Grammar, Melbourne
“The show was very good, addressing a lot of the issues that our students are facing, and giving stern reminders of their rights and responsibilities, which is something that takes a long time to ‘sink in’ at this age!”

Epping Primary School, Melbourne
“The show was fantastic and the kids really enjoyed it.”

Westbourne Grammar, Melbourne
“The issues were all well addressed and generally well received by the students. We will definitely consider bringing the group back.”

Creekside P-9 College, Victoria
“General student feedback was that it related to their experience and was in alignment with their Health curriculum as well as Pastoral Care program. Staff had ideas to work with for future classes.”

Tranby College Junior School, WA
“Fantastic performers, audience very engaged, well rehearsed. Excellent audience involvement.”

St Mark’s Anglican Community School, WA
“Great production!”

Balcatta SHS, WA
“I was really impressed with the Class Act Theatre production last week, the performers did a great job conveying the message on the subject of respect. The play created food for thought and anything we can provide to help make it easier for students to deal with these issues in their relationships is well worth it.”