• ANZAC G’DAY was well acted and covered just the right amount of material. We are now doing follow up work using your production as a lead in. Many of the students were able to recall a lot of information.”
    – Diamond Creek Primary School
  • “…highly successful in maintaining the attention of a large audience of girls (who are not used to live performance). The material of Girls Talk was very relevant, and students responded really well…and were engaged at all times.”
    – Taylors Lakes Secondary College
  • “The performers were great, they were confident, humorous and talked at the level of the students, this made them very engaging. Using real stories in Boys Talk is an effective and engaging way of sharing these important messages.”
    – Brentwood Secondary College
  • “Great! Students enjoyed Cyber Busters!. Issues that we are dealing with were explained to the students in a great way. Funny/interesting – made the students think about themselves and what they might be doing on the internet or on phones.”
    – St Brigid’s Primary, Middle Swan
  • “Many teachers commented on its suitability of Bully Busters for kids we deal with everyday. It hit the target superbly. Thanks for the performance.”
  • “An outstanding production of Bully Busters Primary. Brilliant acting. The students were totally engaged. Content was relevant. Students were given strategies to combat bullying.”
    – Bexley North Public School
  • “I was really impressed with the Class Act Theatre production last week, the performers did a great job conveying the message on the subject of respect.
    The play created food for thought and anything we can provide to help make it easier for students to deal with these issues in their relationships is well worth it.”
    – Balcatta SHS, WA
    Girls Talk
    Based on real life accounts, examining issues that face girls today including identity, eating disorders and more. Stories are modified or deleted to suit age and/or religious beliefs. Suitable for Years 7 to 12.
    ANZAC G'Day
    ANZAC G'DAY incorporates the Gallipoli campaign, the spirit of Anzac, Simpson and his donkey, Australian involvement in other wars and more
    Cyber Busters
    The play explores all facets of electronic bullying, including internet, emails, social networking and more. Suitable for Grade 3 to Year 9.
    Bully Busters
    The play explores all facets of bullying, including sexual harassment, peer pressure, rumours, racism and more. Suitable for Grade 5 to Year 9.
    Boys Talk
    Boys Talk is based on real life accounts, examining crucial issues for boys including academic performance, forming and maintaining relationships, sexuality and more. Suitable for Year 7 to 12.
    Bully Busters Primary
    Bo and Bazza explore the question of bullying via a series of hilarious scenarios and rap songs. This play has two versions: Junior Primary (Prep to Grade 2) and Senior Primary (Grade 3 to 6).
    Show Some Respect
    Show Some Respect explores a range of issues on the topic of respectful relationships. The play is structured around a series of monologues, dialogues and role-plays, engaging students with humour, drama and rap singing.