by Angelique Malcolm

  • Venue

    We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)

  • Performance Duration

    45 Minutes and question time

  • Cost

    $5.00 per head, $500.00 for audiences under 100 (plus GST from school)

  • Max. Audience

    200 students (parents and teachers free)

  • Age Range

    Suitable for Grade 5 to Year 9

  • Performance in...


  • Supporting Materials

    Support materials will be made available on booking.

Meet JAKE THE APE – the biggest bully this side of the North Pole. Meet SALLY SIMPER – the richest, prettiest and bitchiest girl in the whole school. Put them alone together in the detention room and you have trouble with a capital ‘T’!

At first the only way JAKE and SALLY can relate to each other is to bully each other. But when they have been locked inside the class room and there is no sign of the teacher MRS GREASEBOTTOM ever coming back – strange things start to happen….

BULLY BUSTERS explores all facets of bullying, including:

  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Peer Pressure;
  • Rumours;
  • Racism;
  • Judging Others;
  • Tolerance;
  • Family Problems;
  • Resilience; and
  • Electronic Forms of  Bullying.