by Angelique Malcolm

  • Venue

    We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)

  • Performance Duration

    50 Minutes and question time

  • Cost

    $5.00 per head, $500.00 for audiences under 100 (plus GST from school)

  • Max. Audience

    200 students (parents and teachers free)

  • Age Range

    Junior Version suitable for Prep to Grade 2
    Senior Version suitable for Grades 3 to 6

  • Performance in...


  • Supporting Materials

    Support materials will be made available on booking.

Welcome to the Junior version of Bully Busters!

BO is the class ‘brain’, BAZZA is a cool ‘rapper’. They have one thing in common – they are both bullied by a boy called Jacob Appleby, nicknamed JAKE THE APE. “Well Bo baby,” says Bazza, “what can we do about Jake the Ape features?” “Do?!”, exclaims Bo, “What can anyone do about a bully, especially if he is bigger than you?”

Bo and Bazza decide to explore this question through role play. Via a series of hilarious scenarios and rap songs, they not only discover how to deal with Jake the Ape, but they learn something about themselves as well.

BULLY BUSTERS PRIMARY includes SONG and RAP and deals with the issues of:

  • Physical and Verbal Bullying;
  • Racism;
  • Name Calling;
  • Girls as Bullies;
  • Acting like a Victim;
  • Bullies are Victims too; and
  • Strategies to stop Bullying.