presented by Class Act & Bare Naked Theatre Companies


Dan Luxton,
Angelique Malcolm,
Craig Williams,
Stephen Lee,
Ben Russell,
Rhoda Lopez, and
Whitney Richards.

Subiaco Arts Centre                                                     
25 to 28 August 2009

HAMLET was also presented in 2009 at the Weld Theatre in Busselton, Busselton SHS, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Dunsborough and Esperance.

Modern two hour version with live rock music and audio visuals

What is truth? Who is truly honest?

Following last year’s dramatically intense and evocative production of Macbeth, Bare Naked and Class Act Theatre companies presented perhaps Shakespeare’s most powerful tragedy.

Driven to avenge the purportedly ‘accidental’ death of his father, a restless Hamlet seeks proof he was murdered by the man whom, to ensure a stable succession, so quickly married his father’s widow… but Claudius now wields the reins of power.

How best to act? Rationally or emotionally? For self or for others?

A compact and intimate telling of Shakespeare’s powerful tale of intrigue, obsession, and revenge, vividly brought to life in the executive boardrooms of a multinational corporation.

“The play’s the thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king”


“Williams…delivers a splendidly charismatic performance as the prince…”

“…while this is not Shakespeare for the purists, it does put an entertaining accessible spin on the tale.”

“…there are many funny moments which the cast milk at every opportunity, particularly Lee as the long-winded adviser, Polonius. Rhoda Lopez is convincing as Hamlet’s bandmate Horatio and Ben Russell gives Ophelia’s brother Laertes some fine depth.”

“Young folk told that a good dose of Shakespeare is good for them should find this production comes with plenty of sugar to help the medicine go down.”
– Stephen Bevis, West Australian 

“Here we have a novel approach that was most successful, and with convincing, vicious fight scenes the play was loved by the young audience, who possibly came to truly understand the story for the first time. Most enjoyable, a difficult play handled with great talent.”
– Gordon Johnston, Theatre Australia