Shirley Van Sanden,
Alinta Carroll,
Angelique Malcolm,
Gerald Hitchcock,
Jay Walsh,
Francesca Waters,
Nicholas McRobbie, and
Benj D’Addario.

10 to 21 August 2004

Three sisters, brought together by a family tragedy, are trying to make sense of their lives, their place in the family, and their feelings about home and country.

One of them has written a novel that appears to be a family expose.

Hotel Sorrento amuses us, provokes our sympathies, and challenges us to examine our own lives and relationships to our families and our nationhood, on the brink of a new century.

“ Aaron Stirk’s lighting, with its flickering suggestion of waves, adds effective ambience…Each actor has mastered the convoluted script and brings depth to their role…Compelling drama that will prompt thought and discussion about our own places in families and Australia’s position in the world.”
– Naomi Millett, The West Australian.

“ Hotel Sorrento is a fabulous play to meet with for the first time or to fondly rediscover. And Class Act, with their growing reputation of producing solid work in this city, do nothing to spoil that. Shirley Van Sanden, Alinta Carroll and Angelique Malcolm, as the Moynihan sisters, are superbly cast, and having seen all three actresses in various other productions, was knocked out by the maturity with which they dealt with their parts.”
– Michael McCall, Theatre Australia

“A very strong production performed by a very capable cast.”
– Larry O’Dea, Theatre Australia.

“Class Act Theatre, under the direction of Jenny Davis, has assembled a fiercely strong cast to perform the audience favourite, Hotel Sorrento…this production oozes talent, and a realistic approach”
Allison Browning, Indie Perth

“Others have rightly paid credit to all involved, I would only like to add that for me, Class Act’s “Hotel Sorrento” is right up there with PTC’s “Skin Tight,” as the best examples of how good, relevant and emotionally satisfying great theatre can be.”
– Greg Ross, Theatre Australia

“This production is a fine example of ensemble and characterisation. I went on Thursday night and was very impressed with the quality of the whole production. The performances are balanced and brilliantly directed by Jenny Davis, and the set design is simple and effective.”
– Lucy Eyre, Theatre Australia


Marantha Christian College
“The drama students loved the performance. They were particularly intrigued with the clever set design and how easily the scenes changed”

Belridge SHS
“Overall I thought “Hotel Sorrento” was great. The direction was obviously good and the acting outstanding. I was very impressed with the professional standard. Kids loved it too.”

Mirrabooka SHS
“An excellent performance.”

Seton Catholic College
“My students really enjoyed the production and were fully engaged throughout. Well done.”

St Hilda’s AGS
“An excellent production. The girls feedback was very positive. Best wishes for future productions.”