(a new adaptation by Stephen Quinn)

DIRECTED BY STEPHEN LEE (nominated for Best Director at the 2005 Equity Guild Awards)

Summer Williams,
Claire Munday,
Shirley Van Sanden,
Kate McGinniskin,
Annabelle Tan,
Angelique Malcolm,
Dan Luxton,
Graham Mitchell, and
Steve Havercroft.

Blackbox Studio, The Bakery Artrage Complex, 233 James St, Northbridge                                                     
24 February – 11 March 2006

Class Act Theatre presents a brand new version of this Ancient Greek play. Lysistrata is a wonderful comic attack on war and politics, in which the women decide to put an end to war by refusing to sleep with any man until the fighting has stopped.

Aristophanes allows this comic idea to spiral into absurdity as the men find things are getting harder and harder – and even the women are finding it difficult to keep their oath!

Our brilliantly funny, yet savagely biting, modern update of Aristophanes superb Greek masterpiece will substitute the world of ancient Athens and Sparta with the modern day conflict between Christian and Muslim nations.

This production will be a timeless examination of the folly of war and the stupidity of conflict and aggression between fellow members of the human species. Director, Stephen Lee, says, “the sheer “joie de vivre” and energy of Aristophanes’ work is a breath of fresh air!”

From West Australian Review – Thu 2nd March 2006
by Pip Christmass

“The small but experienced cast gives uniformly strong, confident performances.”

“Shirley Van Sanden, as the Indian ambassador’s wife, Kaloniki, and Annabelle Tan, as the Chinese diplomat’s wife, Nikothiki, are especially hilarious, and Steve Havercroft, doubling up as a horny French ambassador and a rather hirsute-looking Russian diplomat’a wife, is a scream.”

“Summer Williams, as ocker Australian diplomat’s wife, Ismenia, has a commanding, sexy stage presence and a sultry singing voice, and Kate McGinniskin has a lot of fun hamming it up as Myrrhini, the French ambassador’s wife.”

“I found it worked best in its bawdy comedic moments, when the sexual double entendres come thick and fast.”

“…this is not a lavish piece of theatre. But what the production lacks in scale is amply compensated for with energy, humour and enthusiasm.”