Nick Maclaine,
Rhoda Lopez,
Stephen Lee,
Angelique Malcolm,
Shirley Van Sanden,
Patrick Whitelaw,
Kyle Sargon, and
Daniel Buckle.

Subiaco Arts Centre
10 to 14 September 2013


“This cast of eight fine actors must play multiple roles, and even Lady Macbeth takes a turn as one of the witches. The director himself joins in as Duncan, making a brief appearance on stage in between calling cues – he’s the stage manager as well. This is a company where everyone pitches in, both on stage and behind the scenes…”
– Cicely Binford, Aussie Theatre

“Class Act has produced an unpatronising, economical Macbeth for high school students. If its audience (which, by the way, was immaculately attentive throughout the performance I saw) can take these words and ideas away with it, and know from whence they came, that’s a treasure beyond reckoning…Director Stephen Lee understands this, and his cast’s delivery was impressively clear-cut and measured throughout.”
– David Zampatti, The West Australian

“Alongside ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Macbeth’ ranks among the best-known and most performed of Shakespeare’s plays. Attempting to adapt such a fundamental part of the theatrical canon to a modern setting is no small task, but this is the elephantine undertaking for director Stephen Lee, producer Angelique Malcolm and their talented cast and crew.”
– Andrew MacNiven, Colosoul

“Stephen Lee was a highlight amongst ‘The Company’, serving up a Duncan who was the perfect boss/King, throwing the impetuous madness of the Macbeths into sharper relief. Patrick Whitelaw’s boffin Banquo was a delight, and Kyle Sargon’s Macduff kept the tension high and the action believable in the final showdown.”
– Nerida Dickinson, Artshub