by Tiffany Barton, Ken Miller. Revised by Jaz Wickson



X&Y Factor looks at tackling issues that face teens as they figure their way through puberty. These plays can be performed either co-ed or gender specific. The play is centered around a series of monologues and stories can be modified or deleted to suit age or religious beliefs of the audience.

Issues tackled in ‘X&Y Factor’ include:

  • Emotions
  • Body image
  • Aggression and Bullying
  • Self Harm
  • Puberty
  • Relationships
  • Double Standards
  • Sexuality
  • Contraception
  • Consent

Each standard programs comes with your choice of facilitation:

  1. Game Show
  2. Scenarios
  3. Conversation Box

For an extra 30mins you get all 3 Facilitations, just mention this when enquiring or filling out the booking form. 

Supporting materials will be made available upon booking.

“Very relevant to our students, discussion afterwards indicated the issues addressed in the production had a significant impact. It’s what our kids needed to see.”
Lyndhurst Secondary College

“Quite entertaining – students enjoyed it. Good as a springboard for further exploration on topics.”
Nazareth College
Cost: $6*per student (audiences 100-200 students) $150 for an extra 30min, which includes all 3 facilitations. Discounts for booking full package *excluding GST and travel fees
Show Type: Incursion. We perform at your school (in a sheltered area)
Year Level Suitability: Secondary (years 7 - 12)
Duration: 60 to 90mins (including facilitation)